Watermill – hostel, on the Way of St. James. 1019

A magnificent property with many options of use

Watermill, hostel, the Way ... four words that open many possibilities

To better understand the characteristics of this property, we must take a step back and get some perspective …

It is an old watermill, a space full of the memory of an era, a place that tells the collective history of a specific geographical area, specifically the Galician rural environment of the early twentieth century. Located on the French Way to Santiago, on its way through the City of Sarria, Lugo.

The peace, tranquillity and silence that you feel are the fundamental perceptive characteristics to define the situation of this place. The perfect location for a watermill – hostel.

Molino Albergue 2

What is a watermill – hostel?

These granite stones speak of versatility, between Nature and the French Way of St. James

The buildings date from the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. In those days, there were destined to be, on the one hand, a power plant in charge of generating and supplying energy to the town of Sarria, and on the other hand, the facilities performed the functions of a watermill, that is, milling the different cereals that were cultivated in the zone for the production of different types of flours, giving like this, service by double game, to all the region of Sarria.

Add to this that sociologically was a place of meeting, waiting, talks among people of the area, a center of community life loaded with work, the strength and energy of a human group. Therefore, it is a space that forms part of the configuration of the Locus, a milestone in the Way that tells the story of a way of living in a certain period in Galicia.

On the property there are two buildings and a large water pond. The buildings are isolated in the middle of nature, there is no construction or other buildings in the vicinity. The constructive typology of the buildings corresponds to traditional Galician constructions, that is to say, they are formed by a structure of load-bearing and retaining walls of stone factory, exposed masonry – country granite, and by a structure of wooden beams in slabs and covers. The total constructed area of the buildings is 592.6 m2 (552 m2 plus two outdoor porches whose total area is 40.6 m2)

In the year 2011/2012, once the uses to which these buildings were linked (both hydroelectric power station and flour mill), the idea of creating a place of retirement and rest for pilgrims, on its way to Santiago de Compostela was born, given the specific location of the property linked intrinsically to the last 100 kms of the Camino de Santiago. This was done and, currently, a part of these constructions (specifically 170.20 m2) is destined to Tourist Hostel for Pilgrims, with an authorized / legalized capacity for 15 people. So, from that moment, this property is a Watermill – Hostel

Molino Albergue Z

Much more than a stop on the Way

15,500 m2, enough space for 15 pilgrims, and 430 m2 more of buildings ready to enlarge your vision

This property has approximately an area of 15,500 m2. The pilgrim’s hostel currently has: a bedroom with bunk beds for up to 15 people. Two full bathrooms. Dining room, rest area and bathroom. Washer and dryer. Community food and dinner service. Large outdoor recreation areas.


The rest of the surface of the buildings, now becomes a versatile space with multiple options that lead to a possible expansion of the business.


Either enlarging the hostel itself, incorporating single and / or double rooms …. Promoting an extension oriented towards the catering-restoration … as possible private home, and even, given the area of the plot, the possibility of expanding the business with camping, etc.

Molino Albergue Y

Sarria, five journeys from the end of the Way

Sarria, located in the central area of Galicia, communicates with Lugo capital, 31 km north, on the CG-2.2 expressway that ends in Monforte de Lemos. Also through this road it connects with the A-6 motorway, the road connection with the rest of the country. It also has a railway station. And good communication by bus, with Lugo, Santiago and La Coruña.

It is the capital of the Sarria region. Its population, 13,330 inhabitants, is the fifth most populated municipality in Lugo.

Here the last 100 km of the Camino de Santiago Francés begin. In Sarria there are up to 20 Romanesque churches. This speaks of its splendor as a key point of the Camino at that time.

The closest international airports are A Coruña, just over an hour away by road, and Santiago, an hour and forty minutes away.

Molino Albergue 5

550,000 €


1 bedroom. 15 beds


2 bathrooms

Living rooms

1 living room


15,500 m2 land plot


2 floors. 592 m2 total surface
Molino Albergue K


Flour mill

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