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The Casa Grande de Lentille

A great story

As for the lineages related to the Casa Grande de Lentille, it is known that the current owners are the fourth family generation, which in the mid-nineteenth century they acquired from D. Antonio Saavedra. It is also known and documented in the Provincial Historical Archive of Ourense, that in 1743 the house belonged to Ms Margarita Juana de Zúñiga and Losada. And subsequently appear as owners the Pardo families of Cela Ribadeneira and Rivera Sarmiento.

Apparently, the Casa Grande de Lentille was the “base” from which the Cadastre of the Marquis de la Ensenada was elaborated in these lands (approximately in 1750). It is said that this building was then known as the House of Audience, a symbol of power in Ribadavia County. The house had two family coat of arms, but apparently, they were torn off when the Saavedra sold the pazo.

Lentille acceso2

Much more than a house

The Casa Grande de Lentille, which is what this property is called, is actually much more than a vineyard and a manor house. It is a pazo belonging to the parish of San Lorenzo da Pena, in the Municipality of Cenlle, Ourense. The pazo, at present, presents a U-shaped plant, with the bays (architectural space between two load-bearing walls or pillars) of different lengths. The S.E.-oriented bay, which today serves as the main facade, is of a more recent construction than the rest of the building, although not later than the 18th century. As a whole, the property has an approximate constructed area of 1,000 m2.

Located in the Ribeiro wine zone. It is located on a large inclined rock which serves as a foundation and allows one of the wings, the S.E. bay, to have three heights (basement, first and second floor). Also has an internal sundeck that, resting on stone arches gives access to the inner courtyard. It has three chimneys of different typology, wine cellar, old wine presses to rebuild …

From the patio that makes up the U-floor, the house has access to the second floor. In addition, internally, that level is also accessed through the first floor. It is through a granite staircase attached to its N.E. It gives access to a solana that joins the three parts of the building. In the central bay and in the S.E., the mentioned solana has a very important balustrade. It is carved in granite stone, very artistic and original, resting on semicircular arches on square section pillars. It also has large sticks that are visible below the sun. Thus they form what we could call patio arcades.

It has two rooms to highlight. On the one hand, the kitchen with “lareira” and stone bell that rests on a thick granitic column, with moulded capital and plinth, placed at the angle. It is a fairly spacious room, preserves the oven and has its paved floor. The other is the oratory of the house, which was in one of the rooms. Although at present the room does not retain its primitive function it maintains, under an arch of stained stone masonry, a small and artistic altarpiece of natural wood.


Vineyard and manor house double

Wine paradise

Since the pazo is in the geographical heart of the Denomination of Origin of Ribeiro wine, the property has vineyards in production, orchard and mountain areas.

Through the north of the house, the property has approximately one hectare of orchard and forest. And for the south, approximately 500 m2 of a garden inside the house. In addition, about 4,500 m2 of vineyard in production, just in front of the entrance portal and on the other side of the road. In total, about 15,000 m2 of land. Currently the pazo is divided into two properties, but its sale is joint.

Lentille cepas

Perfect placement

It is less than an hour from the Rias Bajas, twenty minutes from a hospital and forty minutes from an international airport. Silence, intimacy and peace. Contact with the nature. Wonderful views over the Ribeiro area. Villages with less than 500 inhabitants, with picturesque and welcoming communities. Close to rivers, swamps, lakes. Sunny and bright days. Representation in the area of popular architecture, with architectural elements of interest.

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550,000 €


5 bedrooms


More than 10,000 m2

Living rooms

3 living/dining rooms


Wine cellar, lareira kitchen, storeroom


3 bathrooms


3 floors

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