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Nice stone house by the river, close to Vigo. 127

Live listening to the river

A 3,000 m2 garden on the riverbank

This property of Sotomayor is a dream place. It is located in the district of the same name, Sotomayor, within the Metropolitan Area of ​​Vigo, Pontevedra. The situation, just at the end of the Ría de Vigo, gives Sotomayor and this property exceptional possibilities.

This stone house by the river is ideal for lovers of tranquillity, nature. Light has different changes throughout the day. It creates a tranquilizing landscape and at the same time enjoyable, with the passage of boats, canoes, kayaks and some fisherman. It is possible to bathe right in front of the property, just by opening the jetty portal. The water is crystal clear, there are no factories upstream, which guarantees us clean water. And, of course, you can also fish.

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A stone house by the river: comfortable and quiet

It is a house with two floors located on the banks of the Verdugo River, with its own jetty. It has an approximate area of ​​220 m2. Ground floor, large kitchen with a large window overlooking the garden and river, with the enjoyment of watching the boats pass by. Fireplace. Very spacious living room, with service bathroom for interior and exterior towards the garden. Furniture-bar construction. Upper floor, three exterior bedrooms, bathroom, hall, and a large terrace overlooking the river and the garden.


A plot of 3,000 m2 approximately. The garden has three entrances. The main entrance of pedestrians, with a stone arch and scallop in relief on the stone and the engraved name of the estate (A Bodeguiña). There is another entrance from the river where the pier is. Area to bathe, fish, as well as relax sitting by the river. And the third entry is the automatic portal with remote control, for the entry of cars. In the car entrance area, there is space to park approximately 18 cars. It has an open garage, American type, for two cars.

This stone house by the river can receive many friends, by land and by water …

Double barbecue, space for 20 cars, private jetty, gazebo for 12 people ... Let's party!

Diesel heating, a deposit of 1,000 litres. Air conditioning: heat and cold pump in bedrooms and living room. Individual radiators, modern and very low consumption. The house has an active telephone line with internet, satellite dish, lighting throughout the farm with lights of super-low consumption and others of action by movement.


There are 4 cameras in different areas connected to the living room of the house to an independent monitor and with a recorder that stores 30 days.


Grill, barbecue. It has a 4-meter grill with 2 simultaneous barbecues, for fish and meat or extra embers. To the right side, space with kitchenette for cooking and a fridge. On the left side, dishwashing area with stainless steel sink. This spit, made of concrete work, covered with exposed brick and slate roof. Illuminated for night cooking and fridge power sockets, coffee machines, etc.


Table and covered stone seats. Comfortable capacity for 12 people, ideal for day and night, with lighting. There are areas with century-old oaks, palm trees, some fruit trees and green areas for relaxation. And hydrangeas and flower plants everywhere …

Annexed shed of approximately 25 m2. It is currently used as a laundry and work area. It can be modified in a living room and bedroom mini apartment, it has three windows. Ideal to receive visitors and stay overnight on the property but outside the house. A second shed, currently with the heating boiler, the fuel tank and a chest freezer. Cabin covered for the wood of the fireplace, currently full, suitable for two winters lighting daily.

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Vigo and the Rías Bajas, the most cosmopolitan Galicia

Arcade, within 4 minutes, is a town famous for oysters and good gastronomy. It has many restaurants specializing in seafood, fresh fish and Galician meats. Three minutes from the Castle of Sotomayor. 15 minutes from Pontevedra, 25 minutes from Vigo, 40 minutes from Portugal, 35 from Bayonne, 50 from Santiago, 35 Villagarcia, 30 from Sanxenxo, 45 from La Toja … The natural resources are the River Verdugo, the Ría, apt for water sports, fishing and bathing. The Arcade area has two small beaches and a third in Puente Sampayo. But next to the farm, on the curve, we have a sand beach 200 meters away. Padel and tennis, which work on a rental scheme with passes from the Town Council.

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450.000 €


3 bedrooms


2 bathrooms

Living rooms

2 living rooms


3.000 m2 land plot


2 floors. 220 m2 in all


River and sea fishing


1 private fluvial jetty


Beaches within 4 minutes

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