Great natural complex in Riveira Sacra. 1140

A great natural complex unique and full of life.

Tourist business in operation. 3,020 m2 of constructed area. 550,000 m2 of land. Forests. Water everywhere.

This property is a natural complex of great beauty in the upper Galician Ribeira Sacra. In this wonderful corner of Lugo, many activities coexist in an orderly manner. A tourist business with four apartments in operation, agricultural and livestock activities of an ecological nature, buildings from different eras and uses … But above all, native flora and fauna preserved with respect and care. From the mill to a mini hydropower station, through a cellar, a medieval bridge, a dovecote, a Roman gold mine, riding school, breeding ground for hunting species, canine hotel, garages, large water tanks … among others.

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gran complejo natural main building

A house in the center of this great natural complex. And much more.

Exceptionally beautiful is the central space of the estate where the Casa Grande is located. Two interior courtyards connected to each other, which can be accessed from the outside through their two gates, articulate the different units. Around the large covered interior patio, enabled on two floors, there are four apartments, completely renovated. And also the family area with the chapel and a large living room.

The interior landscaped patio allows you to appreciate the solid rock that underlies the house. The beautiful stairs and stone railing facilitate access to 6 spacious apartments. One rehabilitated, three partially rehabilitated and two others without rehabilitation. It also gives access to the large heating boiler and the processing areas / shops for honey, chestnuts and mushrooms.


Buildings and facilities of all kinds.


Attached buildings: watermill set with two molar stones and space for cavalry, bread ovenforge and one alembic still. Buildings on the outskirts of the main house: granary (horreo), stone threshing circlehaystackwinery and attic. Medieval bridgeRoman fountain and dovecot. Other buildings or constructions: covered facilities for feeding and handling of cattle, riding school. Indoor facilities for breeding, feeding and management of hunting species. Specific area for hotel use and dog trainingGarage for machinery and forest tools. And water tank with capacity to store 250 m3. Hydroelectric mini power plant: machine room. The total built area is 3,020 m2.


An exceptional estate


The 55 ha estate on map (about 80 ha real) on which this natural complex sits in the Ribeira Sacra is exceptional. Meadows, dozens of fruit trees, 2.8 ha of chestnut trees certified for organic production, hundreds of oaks and centennial wild chestnuts, 11 ha of certified 17-year-old pine trees and other species of the riverside forest with alders and birches … Thousands of shrubs related to the history of the place, heather, holly, laurels.


All bathed by the Toldao River that crosses the estate. At its margins are the grasslands that feed a Galician horse population on the mountain. In its course, spectacular waterfalls appear. The estate is surrounded by a metal perimeter closure of more than 2 m high, built on a base of underground concrete. Its perimeter exceeds 4,500 m in length.


Within the estate itself, there is a water mine or spring with its facilities for self-supply of drinking water, dam and channels for mill and irrigation of meadows, as well as connection to the public water network. In addition, mining channels remain. Located in the northern part of the farm, these canals were used by the Romans for the extraction of gold. It should also be noted that several tracks, roads and paths allow access to all parts of the farm. There is also a space used as an observatory for birds and animals.


If you would like to know more details about this property, including price, please contact Galician Country Homes on +34 626 81 15 08 or [email protected]

gran complejo natural by 4

A good business in the middle of an incomparable natural space.

Capacity for 10 apartments. Hunting. Production of honey, mushrooms and chestnuts. Self-sufficient in electricity and water ... A large natural complex.

The Tourist Apartments of the Casa Grande. A modern holding of honey and chestnuts in mushroom forest. The commercial use of hunting resources. The self-supply hydroelectric mini-plant for the exploitation of the estate. A splendid heritage of constructions and / or buildings: chapel, mills, oven, cellar, haystack, granary, old ironwork …

Fast facts

3 apartments operating just now, with full occupancy in summer, and hunting season.
Housing-house of hunters.
Custodian’s dwelling, which could be at least 2 apartments,
Apartment for 4 people.
Winery, with front and behind spaces, which could be another apartment even retaining the cellar itself.
Hunting, with partridges, rabbits, quail, pheasants …
Hotel and dog training.
Bees farm in operation.
Riding school for horses with handling area.
About 3 ha of organic chestnuts in production.
Mushroom area, boletus edulis, and chanterelles.

Therefore, there are four houses currently operating, with a capacity of 10/11 apartments including the cellar.


This is a project that already works, in its different lines of business, just because of the promoter’s age, it is now offered to entrepreneurs and nature lovers. Various forms of commercialization could be studied, total or partial, and that included or not all the exploitations of this wonderful and great natural complex in the Ribeira Sacra.

If you would like to know more details about this property, including price, please contact Galician Country Homes on +34 626 81 15 08 or [email protected]

gran complejo natural triple service bis

A secret and exclusive spot, but not isolated.

Castelo-Taboada (Lugo). Bus 2.5 km on N-540 (Taboada), with a highway under construction. Conventional train at 46 km (Lugo). High speed train (Ourense) 49 km. And plane within 96 km (Santiago de Compostela). Several tracks, roads and trails allow access to all parts of the farm.


If you would like to know more details about this property, including price, please contact Galician Country Homes on +34 626 81 15 08 or [email protected]

gran complejo natural medieval bridge


10 bedrooms


12 bathrooms

Living rooms

10 living rooms


550,000 m2 land plot


2 floors. 3,020m2 built in total


1 stable for horses

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