Great manor house 19th c. and large estate. 1118

Three stone houses on 50,000 m2 of land

Here all the possibilities fit.

This valley keeps a lot of Galician history

In this privileged place of Alfoz, some well-known old times families had properties since fifteenth century. Among them the current owners of this stately home. No wonder, the weather in this valley is exceptional: lots of sun and little rain.

great stately homes and trees

Casa principal y casa de criados

Main House

Ground Floor

The house has two facing entrances. As you enter, there is what was the carriage access. From there you access a small laundry room. On the left, a small room, whose partition communicates with the adjoining service village. It could be torn down to join both houses. To the right is a small toilet, “hidden” in a closet. Continuing on the right, a large kitchen that has lareira and wood stove and a small pantry under the stairwell. From the kitchen, you can access the stable, which has the animal feeders. At the time, the construction of a pool was planned here. This block also has direct access through the carriage entrance. Through this, we access the upper floor by wooden stairs.

First floor

There is a small distributor as soon as you arrive. On the left we have a master bedroom that has access to a terrace right next to the farmhouse, on the deck. In the front, there is a dining room that also goes out to the previous terrace. On the right, there is a bathroom with a bath and shower and a living room. From it we access a small storage room, a bedroom, and on the left two other bedrooms and an office. From this floor you can access the attic, where the food was stored. This large loft has a wooden floor to be fixed, it is somewhat damaged by the fruits that were stored. It could be used for bedrooms, study, office … there is a small loft on the loft, the size of a bed.

Second floor

Direct access to a gallery overlooking the terraced house and the access road. It is used as a living room, and from this, you access two bedrooms.

The building attached to the main house

It has two floors and a total of approximately 220 m2. On the ground floor there is a kitchen-dining room with oven, bathroom and the old stables that need renovation. The ground floor has been renovated and the level has been lowered by installing slate.

On the first floor, there is a dining room, four bedrooms and a bathroom.


All the construction is as it was in origin: floors, doors, everything. Stone walls, wooden doors, stone and wood floors, chestnut wood stairs. Hand-carved chestnut furniture that most would be included in the price.

In the garden, there are two centuries-old camellias. A strawberry tree next to the picnic table. A hazelnut, a palm tree, two cherry trees, and a century-old boxwood (buxus sempervirens).

stately home 3 views

A property with many things: even a quarry

This stately home in Alfoz has about 5 hectares of land approximately. The plot is bounded by a stream and a paved road. It has a dovecot, granary, well … And in addition to the main stone house, two other stone service houses. A townhouse to the main one. And another, with two floors, to completely rebuild. It also has a small quarry that can be closed when desired or continue to explode. And two garages of stone and slate, more than 60 m2 one and the other more than 70 m2. The latter could probably be converted into a bungalow. Next to the farm runs the Rio do Ouro (de Oro), the most important river in the area, which is a trout river. Not included in the price, it has more land which could be acquired in addition to the 5 hectares.

All buildings are approximately 140 years old. The main house has an area of ​​more than 215 m2 per floor. That is, 665 m2 in total, approximately. It is fastened on granite pillars with one-piece chestnut beams.

stately home horreo

Ria de Muros Noia

A lovely valley close to the coast

We are in San Sebastián de Carballido, Alfoz, Lugo. This property is located in the middle of a beautiful valley, very well located within the Terras do Miño Biosphere Reserve. And with a lot of history since the time of the Catholic Monarchs (14th century).

Foz and its famous beaches are less than 15 minutes away. Ribadeo and the border with Asturias at 35 km. Burela at 20 km, Viveiro at 35 km …

stately home house to reform

600.000 €


12 bedrooms


4 bathrooms

Living rooms

6 living rooms


50,000 m2 land plot

Bow window

One bow window


Granary (horreo), traditional lareira kitchen, storage, garages...


3 floors. 885 m2 in all


Trout river

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