Gorgeous farm with 16 ha land. 1235

A farm with meadows, native forests and lots and lots of water.

The natural beauty of this farm is complemented by the variety of its buildings.

Stable, henhouse, sheds, storehouses, fountains, stream, trout river… And a magnificent stone house more than 180 years old. It is difficult to find a farm with so much beauty and space, only 20 km from a city with 330,000 inhabitants, Lugo, which is the capital of the green heart of Galicia. And its outbuildings offer a thousand possibilities to develop any type of project that the owners may have in mind. A new farm, a tourist business in the middle of nature, but close to the city. Fantastic facilities for horse breeding or equestrian school. Or all at the same time… There is more than enough space.

20 Granja Pradera, edificios anexos y C. principal1

The main house, the heart of the farm

Noble materials from the surrounding area to build a large house

It is a stone house, with granite masonry on the main and rear façades, and stone masonry on the other two. It was built in 1840, restored in 1960 and later renovated in the 1970s, especially in its exterior carpentry and vertical divisions.

It occupies an area of 230 m2 per floor, with a ground floor, upper floor and under the roof, which means a built area of 539 m2. Its roof is made of local slate and is in an acceptable state of conservation, as is the exterior carpentry, all of which is made of varnished chestnut wood.

It has electrical installation and other essential services. There is a complete bathroom on the first floor and a toilet, washbasin and shower on the ground floor.  The water supply comes from two springs or wells on the property itself, which reach the house by means of an underground pipe or aqueduct. The house also has a wood heating system, with radiators in all the rooms on the upper floor and in the dining room on the ground floor.

The south-facing rear entrance to the house also has direct access to an upstairs room via a covered corridor, accessed by a beautiful granite staircase. In this area there is a portion of land, entirely surrounded by a 2 m high stone wall, in which there is a garden area, a meadow, an old barn with a stone floor, a fountain, a haystack, etc.

The interior distribution of the house is as follows:


Ground floor:


Large fitted wooden kitchen, with two sinks and fireplace.
Dining room with access to the hallway and the kitchen.
Spacious hallway with distributor and stairs to the upper floor
Pantry of about 11 m2
Room used as a cellar
Toilet with toilet seat, washbasin and shower.




Desk with library with direct access from the outside through covered corridor
Complete bathroom
Large space with distribution functions, with wooden balustrade above stairs
Six bedrooms


Undercover zone:


Access from upper floor via movable wooden stairs, normally concealed.
Former sleeping room with natural light, with windows facing east and west.
Estimated usable area on this floor is approximately 50 % of that of the upper floor.


The facilities of this property make it exceptional

House, stables, another house, henhouse, sheds, barns, mills, dovecote, fountains... And more than 600 meters of riverbank of a great trout river.

The farm’s outbuildings


– ANTIQUE HOUSE OF CASEROS Two-storey building, to be renovated inside. Built in granite masonry, with a slate roof, it occupies an area of about 63 m2, with a constructed area of 126 m2.

– FORMER STABLE Building constructed in 1960, with granite enclosures, slate roof and two floors, the ground floor for cattle housing and the upper floor for hay storage. It occupies an area of about 126 m2, which represents 252 m2 of built area.

– ANTIQUE SILO It occupies an area of about 65 m2 and is covered with slate, with granite walls, concrete floor and chestnut wood structure.

– HAYSTACK AND ANNEXES Ground floor building to renovate of about 116 m2, built in granite rubble, with a country slate roof and chestnut wood access door. It consists of a main outbuilding, formerly used for storing straw, where firewood is currently kept and there is an old forge. It has another outbuilding, formerly used as a carpenter’s shop, and another for storing potatoes and other similar items.

– DOVECOAT Built with a circular floor plan, occupying about 8 m2, made of brickwork, rendered and plastered, with a slate roof, suitable for use.

– LARGE MILL Building of about 80 m2 located on the banks of the River Narla, built of stone, with a wooden structure and a slate roof, with the necessary elements for grinding cereal. It was used until a few years ago.

– SMALL MILL Building of about 19 m2 on the banks of the river Narla, to be completely restored, which still has the water diversion dam and a millstone.

– HUT To rehabilitate, located between forest and meadow area, of about 9 m2, with granite stone walls.

– “CANEIROS” IN MILLS ON THE NARLA RIVER These are dams that facilitate the diversion of water for the operation of the mills. In summer, they usually have a depth of 1.5 m, which provides an excellent private river swimming pool.


The lands of the farm


The land surrounding the house and annexed buildings occupies an area of approximately 16,500 m2 (1.65 ha) and is mainly used for meadowland, but also has fruit trees, a garden and an area around the dovecote with indigenous trees. It is surrounded by a stone wall, about 2.00 m high and 397 m long. It has direct access from the road. Wooded area There are several areas in different parts of the estate, with chestnut, oak, birch, alder and poplar trees, as well as some pines. The area occupied by this type of use is approximately 64,000 m2 (6.40 ha). Area called Fraga (forest, in Castilian) with chestnut trees, where there is a rustic stone staircase to bridge the difference in level between the lower courtyard and the house. Scrubland It occupies an area of about 71,400 m2 (7.14 ha) in the part called “Uceira” and is suitable for planting and other uses. Meadow area It covers an area of 16,700 m2 (1.67 ha) and is located in the vicinity of the Narla River, with wild trout.

The property is crossed by a stream, called Bravos, with an excellent volume, which flows into the River Narla. The property has a river bank length of about 630 metres.

The best nature in Galicia, 12 minutes from the city

This farm is located in the village of Bravos, belonging to the municipality of Otero de Rei, from which it is about 15 kilometres away. A little further on, approximately 12 minutes by car, is Lugo, which offers all the services of a capital city. It can be reached via the N-VI national road. The international airport of A Coruña, using the A6 motorway, is about 60 minutes from the farm. And Santiago de Compostela, the spiritual capital of Galicia, also with its airport, is about 100 kilometres from the property. The mighty river Narla, a tributary of the great Miño, surrounds this property on its southern slope, we are in the Terra Chá (the Flat Land) where water abounds wherever you go… If Galicia is “the humanized land”, the rivers are the veins through which its life flows.

32 Granja Rio Narla1

450,000 €


7 bedrooms


2 bathrooms

Living rooms

2 living rooms


160,000 m2 of land
Molino Albergue K


2 watermills


One 252 m2 stable


2 Floors. 539 m2 in all


Trout river within the property

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