Since the 16th century or before, always in the careful hands of the same family

A pazo in Cospeito with 1,200 m2, furnished and ready to live in

“As first lordof the pazo we count Don Rey López de Aguiar. Who seems to be that, apart from his military quality, he was considered a great troubadour… ” This curious reference, and some more that we will see, appears in the book PAZOS Y SEÑORÍOS DE LA PROVINCIA DE LUGO Volume II, by Antonio Benito Yebra de Ares. By him we know that the current owners are direct descendants of the founders of the lineage, so this pazo could be considered an inheritance: an added value. In addition to this book, the Pazo da Barreira, which is so called, is perfectly cataloged, to the point that much of its history and documents are in the Archivo de la Casa de Barrera, deposited in the Library of the Provincial Museum of Lugo, which gives an idea of ​​his historical interest.

This pazo is located next to Cospeito, Lugo, in the middle of  a 50,000 m2 land that is planted with fruit trees. The beautiful home is ready to be occupied, with valuable furniture included. This great house would probably be more attractive by chipping off the lime and sand covering of its original slate stone. The pazo is located on a hill and well away from the road, therefore it has admirable views over the valley. We are in the middle of Terra Chá (Flat Land) a huge plain covered with meadows, forests and rivers.

Cospieto doble

A place with history and lots of space, in Cospeito

Nine bedrooms, living rooms, halls, distributors, libraries, kitchens ...

The pazo de Cospeito dates from the 17th century but its state of maintenance is excellent. The main building has almost 600 m2 per floor, a total of 1,200 m2 built. It has nine bedrooms, large number of living rooms, halls, distributors, libraries, kitchens etc. The stonework is a real wonder with the coat of arms carved in granite on the main door and a wall.

“The interior is accessed by stepping on a patio of honor with a base composed of granite slabs from where it starts … the wide stone staircase and its railing that leads to the floor-dwelling.” Thus the work already mentioned speaks of the qualities of this great house. And it adds, “There is also a nice French fireplace that sets the pazo, and the furniture in it is all vintage.”

A great pazo and many more outbuildings

From a chapel, to a dairy farm through a keepers house

The Pazo da Barreira in Cospeito has a chapel, like all the top level Galician pazos. In addition, the property has a  keepers’ house, a large barn of 160 m2 and a cattle warehouse. With these plot dimensions and 1,200 m2 in a single building, together with a keepers house of 150 m2, which could become a home for owners in case of establishing a business. And an  cattle barn of 350 m2. Plus other dependencies of different sizes …

We are facing a property that admits many different uses. Since continuing with it as a livestock farm with a large family home. Until developing a small tourism, hospitality or … why not? both. The option of a large equestrian center could also be considered. Or a spiritual reserve: a place of retreat to practice yoga or other activities related to spiritual therapies. Everything fits in this great property of Cospeito.

Cospeito doble2

Cospeito is a Biosphere Reserve very well connected

Cospeito is the door to the heart of the Terras do Miño Biosphere Reserve, in whose center it is placed. It is located just over 40 minutes from the Cantabrian coast in Foz. The capital of the province, Lugo, is 30 minutes away. And the nearest airport is A Coruña International, within 60 minutes driving by the A6 motorway.

Cospeito main door

540,000 €


9 bedrooms


2 bathrooms

Living rooms

8 living rooms


50,000 m2 land plot


2 floors. 1,200 m2 footprint


One catholic chapel

Biosphere Reserve

Integrated in the Biosphere Reserve Terras do Miño


Trout fishing

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