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A colonial house overlooking the sea, since 1912

``Villa Modesta``, a unique property

Foz, at the time this property was built, was already an important whaling port since the 16th century. Today, in these coasts of Lugo whales are not hunted, but waves on a surfboard. “Villa Modesta … this house of indiano (person who came back from America <land of Indians> after making money working there for a long time) development stands out majestically, which stands out for its palatial connotations accentuated by the presence of certain colonial traces.” This is how this house is described in the book, published by the Xunta de Galicia in 2000, “Casas de Indianos” (Indianos’ houses). A colonial house “with papers”. This important piece of information is also included in the mentioned book: “Villa Modesta currently belongs to direct descendants of the developer, hence this family still retains the contract for the construction of the house. It details the materials used for this purpose very precisely.” Obviously, in more than 100 years, modern elements have been incorporated into the property that offer the comfort of today’s life, but the spirit and appearance of Villa Modesta remains the same. It is evident.

Casa colonial Fachada posterior

The exterior is imposing, but when entering you discover another world

Cuatro plantas. Cinco dormitorios, dos cuartos de baño, dos salones, comedor, despacho y una biblioteca

When the promoter of this colonial house returned from Cuba, at the beginning of the 20th century, he decided to do things well. And he gave very precise instructions to the builder regarding all the construction details and the memory of qualities. Today we can enjoy his efforts, almost intact. On a square floor of eleven by eleven meters, a semi-basement, two floors high and a low usable roof comprise this building thanks to a large central loft that rises above the total height of the house. The access door to the house stands out for its beauty, surrounded by a molding that draws buttons along its entire length and flanked by a stone cladding that shows the name and year of construction of the property.

In its 620 m2 we find five spacious bedrooms.Two rooms. A dining room. A large office. A small library on the top floor. Two bathrooms. And a magnificent gallery that was originally made of wood and today has white PVC windows. The materials with which this colonial house was built are stone, noble woods in floors, moldings, stairs and its artistic windows. On balconies and front wall we find a beautiful forging work. The roof is slate. By the way, on the roof of the house there is a sotabanco that allows you to see the beautiful Ría de Foz in all its splendor, among graceful limestone ornaments. The house is ready to occupy, although it would improve with some reforms.

Casa colonial Entrada

A jewel within five minutes of the beaches

Villa Modesta has a 1,770 m2 garden completely closed by a wall. In it grow numerous species of trees and shrubs: lemon, camellia, magnolia, boxwood, plum, apple … and many more. It also has a large garage of 60 m2, with capacity for four cars. It also has a large porch where to celebrate indoors meals or meetings. And a curious semi-basement, with a stone floor, with the walls decorated with psychedelic drawings and paintings in the 1970s. A real trip to another era.

But its main attraction as an activity is only five minutes away by car. The sea. Arealonga, A Rapadoira, Xuncos, Pampillosa, Os Alemáns or Area Brava … Beaches that, in many cases, are still almost intact. And that they keep an increasingly valuable treasure: its waves. Galicia has emerged as the quintessential surfing destination in southern Europe. Perhaps the time has come to consider creating a small luxury hotel by the waves.

Casa colonial Vistas

A seaside town with everything you need



Foz is the town with the largest population in the Central Mariña of Lugo, with about 10,000 inhabitants. It has all services. It is located 100 km from the capital of the province. There are two airports at the same distance approximately, 150 km: A Coruña and Oviedo with which it connects via the European Route E70.

Casa colonial Costa

450,000 €


5 bedrooms


2 bathrooms

Living rooms

2 living rooms


1,770 m2 land plot


4 floors. 620 m2 total surface


Several nearby beaches

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