Azúmara. A jewel between the forest and the river

Manor house, two stone houses and watermill. Slate, wood and water.

It is difficult to find properties for sale in Galicia like this. The dimensions of its land, about 170.000 m2 in one single property. The number of buildings within the property, some very valuable and with history. The environment where it is located, dense native forests, a trout river crossing the property. A short distance from one of the best preserved castros in Galicia, which also includes an archaeological museum from the Galician-Roman period. All this makes this complex exceptional, located only 15 minutes from the city of Lugo.

Azumara vista general

A set of four superb stone buildings

The Galician nobles of the 16th century chose well where to live

The Renaissance was in full swing when the family of hidalgos Castro decided to build this large two-storey manor house. It is known as the Casa Señorial de Portas. Its 370 m2 of surface, included stables and barn on the ground floor. They were located on both sides of the original covered patio with access to the house. And on the upper floor, “there were the kitchen, bedrooms, living room, and other rooms of its rank and category.” Today, its walls and roof are practically intact, as is the wooden beam. The noble house and its coat of arms are waiting for their new owners to configure the structure they wish.


Some two hundred years later, the family decided to build a new house within the property. Specifically, in 1841, as shown on the lintel of the main door. It must have been good times: this Casa Nova is even bigger: 560 m2 of surface, in two floors. Its structure is still solid, but it needs some reforms that have already started. To describe its interior with its multitude of rooms, bedrooms, rooms… would be too extensive for this limited space.


And last but not least, the watermill. A flour mill on the Azúmara River that keeps all the machinery intact, clean and tidy. Its 80 m2 surface area contains details as attractive as the glass windows on the floor. Through them you can see not only the machinery half submerged in the riverbed, but also the brave dark trout of the Azúmara. But it is certain that this mill was very active in its times of splendour. This is demonstrated by the magnificent house attached to the mill, built in the same style as this one. Its 140 m2 of surface, in perfect conditions, form an excellent house. It has two very large bedrooms and two bathrooms. A beautiful kitchen with a stone oven and a living room with a fireplace.


All together, these buildings have a surface of 1.150 m2 built.

Azumara casona-molino-casa

On a land plot equivalent to 17 football fields you can play any game you want

170,000 m2 of land and trees, 1,150 m2 of buildings, an intact mill and a river overflowing with history

Space is the key word. On this property of Azúmara there is a lot of it. Built and open, natural. The possibilities are endless. Tight forests of birch, alder, oak and chestnut trees. Upholstered with ferns. But also thousands of square meters of cultivable surface.

There is a beautiful stone channel through which the water that moves the mill flows. A woodshed of almost 80 m2, which is supplied with wood from the farm itself. It could be a beautiful apartment. Stone huts for tools: a perfect studio.

Everything fits here. Even the biggest dream. Any tourist business can be accommodated here, from a charming hotel to a spiritual retreat lodge. A small community residence of any kind. Or the wonderful final destination for a group of people looking to retire together to a natural jewel like Azúmara.

Azumara casa y bosque

Azúmara, the green heart of A Terra Chá

The property is located in the village that takes its name just from the Azúmara River itself. It is situated a little longer than 2 km from Castro de Rei, the centre of A Terra Chá, The flat land. Only 15 minutes away from Lugo capital, with all the services of a modern city. In its surroundings, 3 km away, there are vestiges of the passage of the Romans through Galicia, in Castro de Viladonga, but also an airfield with lots of sports activity, Rozas.

The coast is 50 minutes away. And the international airport of A Coruña is just over an hour away. The National Road 640, which links Lugo with the north coast of the province, is 2 km away from the property. And the CP 1611 runs along the very edge of the land.

Azumara mapa ruta

837,700 €


2 bedrooms


2 bathrooms

Living rooms

1 living room


170,000 m2 land plot


2 floors. 1,150 m2 total surface
Molino Albergue K


Flour mill

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