A palace in Asturias looking at Galicia for more than 500 years

Plenty of history and possibilities

The Palace of El Pividal or Miranda is located in Abres, on the left bank of the River Eo, looking towards its source. Abres is a village and parish of the Council of Vegadeo (Asturias). The palace stands on a hill overlooking the Eo, the natural border between Asturias and Galicia. It is situated in the centre of a well cared private park all surrounded by a stone wall.


It is also known as Castillo de Abres. The first reference to its origin is in relation to the robust tower that stands out from the whole property. Dating back to 1495, Christopher Columbus had barely arrived in the Americas. A century later, in 1597, he joined the lineage of the Miranda family.


It is a sober complex that maintains the characteristic appearance of the Galician pazos. But its uniqueness comes from the fact that all the ornamental baroque expression is situated on the axis of the entrance door. And it is crowned by a pediment on which the coat of arms of the Miranda, Osorio, Castrillón and Moscoso families can be found. And also the year in which this body is attached to the tower, 1674. Almost three hundred years had passed.


The Palace appears in various publications: Rural Palaces of Asturias – Interiors of a legacy of coats of arms and lineages – Volume I. Also Asturian Manor Architecture – Volume 2.


In 2003 it was acquired by its present owners who have carried out an important rehabilitation work, both of the house and the different buildings that accompany it, and of the splendid park that surrounds it. Today it is a magnificent property ready to continue being an impressive home. Or become an excellent and unique tourist business under the concept decided by its new owners.


The course of the history of this palace runs parallel to that of the Northern Way of Saint James: “After Castropol -the last town in Asturias- the Way enters Galicia by crossing the Cantabrian Sea through the beautiful estuary of Ribadeo. Some pilgrims chose to go along it, saving the river Eo, and then crossing it over the bridge of Santiago de Abres“. What has become known as the Historic Route of the Northern Way.


The Palace of Miranda is registered in the Historical and Cultural Heritage of Asturias, within its Department of Education and Culture.

Palacio Destacado doble

Space, solidity and elegance. This is how a house becomes a palace.

Two floors plus the tower, 807 m2 and all the comforts of our time

History does not pass in vain. And this is also evident in the materials with which this superb palace is built. The different treatment of the wall in each of the buildings is noteworthy, combining parts, such as the plastering of the main façade, the exposed slate wall or the highly worked ashlar, especially in the main door and the balcony on the upper floor, with elements that are very characteristic of the Baroque.

The main building has two floors:  On the ground floor there is the entrance hall, two living rooms with a fireplace, the office, a dining room, the kitchen – office and the guest bathroom.  All outlooking rooms with large windows that make the most of natural light.

On the first floor are located the five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Also all of them outlooking rooms with big windows. It has heating and hot water by diesel oil with pressure group. The magnificent furniture that decorates this palace is included in the sale, except for some of personal value.

Palacio Casa doble

A palace and much more…

A well-kept private park surrounds the main house and contains multiple outside buildings, meadows, trees and plants.

Around this Palacio de Miranda, and within its 16,000 m2 estate, there are a series of external buildings that demonstrate the real dimension of this property.

The guest house (formerly the Butler’s house) has a stone and stucco façade.  The entrance is elevated, on a porch covered with slate flooring.  It has a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen.  All exterior. Surface area, 50 m2 built.

The Pilgrims’ House is an open space with two floors. It has an area of approximately 140 m2.  The upper floor has been refurbished, with all the oak beams. For centuries, it has offered the pilgrims a break from the Camino.

The dovecote is an open circular space built in stone, it has the appearance of a tower. It could be used as an auxiliary warehouse building.

The panera (granary) today is an ornamental building and is in very good condition.

The chapel, which is attached to the main body of the palace, can be accessed from the inside through a corridor in front of the altar.  It was dedicated to Santa María de la O, the most venerated virgin in the area of the River Eo, and today to the Virgin of Pilar. It has an area of 43 m2 built.

Palacio Servicios doble

A palace between two communities where tourism is growing

It is located just on the  Northern Way of Saint James, the third largest pilgrimage route. Between Galicia, the community with the greatest increase in tourism in Spain in 2019, and Asturias which broke the record for visitors in that year. The Palacio de Miranda is located at a strategic crossroads between the Cantabrian Sea and the attractive inland areas of Asturias and Galicia. Without forgetting that we are inside the Biosphere Reserve of Oscos, Eo and Tierras de Burón, with an extension of 1.588 km2. The nearest beach is only 15 minutes away. Asturias Airport, approximately one hour away. And, a stone’s throw away, the mouth of the Eo River, with good salmon, sea trout and trout fishing, which is attracting more and more aficionado every year…

1,800,000 €


7 bedrooms

Living rooms

5 living/dining rooms


16,000 m2 land plot


2 floors, 807 m2 surface


One catholic 17th C. chapel


Some nearby beaches

Historical Building

16th Century palace


Salmon, sea trout and trout fishing

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