Unique historical building. Los Ancares, Lugo. 1146

A unique historical building where every detail speaks

Successful rural hotel or extraordinary housing

This unique historical building is a walled manor house from the 15th-16th century. Reformed in the 19th century and restored in 2005. Professional restoration and integral conservation of all its architectural elements. All the materials used are of the highest quality. Rarely a restoration has been so faithful to what is expected of something so old. It is located in Cervantes, capital of the Ancares de Lugo and Biosphere Reserve.

It is sold as a business or private residence. In this sense, it has all the documentation that is perfectly in order. It has worked until the Summer of 2019. Only with regular trusted clients. Lately, it has been withdrawn from reservation centres and tourist portals due to the lack of time of the current owners. It has always worked as a business at full capacity. Their clients are usually of high purchasing power, good cultural level or friends.

edificio historico singular fachada posterior

Space for everything

The whole house is seated on a large rock that is seen both in the main entrance courtyard and on the ground floor (lobby). There the manual work on the rock is contemplated, we can see amazing work by hand and chisel (S.XV-XVI).

It is an estate with history. It always belonged to the Fernández de Témez family, conquerors of Andalusia in the Reconquista (15th century). The great-grandfather of the current owner was Royal Doctor of His Majesty King Alfonso XII, and deputy in Parliament. And he was also the founder of the Red Cross in Galicia. Another ancestor of the mid-18th century was the best cartographer of the entire Spanish empire, decorated by His Majesty King Carlos III and Chief of the first Expedition for Patagonia. King Carlos III created for him the 1st Mathematics Chair in America (in Córdoba, Argentina).

The main house has 185 m2 on the ground floor, by 2 floors, giving a total of 370 m2 plus 70 m2 of under cover; gives a total of 440 m2. There is also an auxiliary building, also with two floors, which was a chapel of 11 by 7 m2, that is: 154 m2. Almost 600 m2 built in total. In the main house, there are now: 7 double rooms, all with bathroom, large dining room, kitchen, two toilets, a lobby, four rooms. Among these, the Map Room, and the Clock Room, office and fireplace hall. One of the rooms is adapted for the disabled.

Edificio historico singular Fachada 2

An old chapel convertible into an independent apartment



A property prepared to welcome family, many friends or clients ...

In the old chapel, there are currently: on the ground floor, a laundry space and a nice warehouse. And the upper floor is preparing for a complete apartment, finishing it would cost about € 6,000. This building has independent access.

Property is closed on itself, with a high stone wall. A land of 2,500 m2, garden, two patios, two gazebos and some old fruit trees.

It is a unique historical building for lovers of antiques and true history. It has remained faithfully in its original character, generation after generation, until today and that romantic heir of such a dignified history is sought. The price includes furniture that is not a family heritage.

There is the possibility of acquiring different farms or plots, some of them planted with conifers.

edificio historico singular comedor

The key of Los Ancares

From this unique historical building you can start many routes that will make the walker enjoy unparalleled landscapes. The natural space of the Ancares Lucenses is a jewel on the border of three communities: Galicia, Castilla y León, and Asturias. Its more than 53,000 hectares of mountain, forest and rivers are home to fauna and flora that hardly found elsewhere in the Iberian Peninsula. Last redoubt of the brown bear and one of the few enclaves in which wolves can be sighted. And if we look at the cultural aspect, we discover that some of their traditional pallozas -the area  traditional building in the past- , ethnographic treasures stored high value. We can even find, without leaving the area of Cervantes, clear traces of Roman times very well preserved.

The property is 26 km from Becerreá, the most populous nucleus in the area. And 76 km from Lugo capital.

castillo del cardenal muro y paisaje

576,000 €


7 bedrooms


7 bathrooms

Living rooms

4 living rooms


2,500 m2 land


2 floors. 594 m2 in total


Trout fishing

Wine cellar

1 cellar

Historic building

More than 500 years old

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