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Galician Country Gold is the answer to a growing request of high-level properties in the Galician rustic properties market. This website does not substitutes Galician Country Homes one. That website has been working well for 15 years and will keep doing it. Our experience has made us number one in the Galician Property Market. Best service and a honourable way of working did the rest. But now is time to keep gold separate.

In the last fifteen years, Galician Country Homes has been working extremely hard to the point that it received in 2018 the Build Magazine prize for the best family owned estate agency in Spain. Now we have taken it one step further and created Galician Country Gold to segregate our properties into classes that will make it easier for buyers and investors to find what they are searching for. We have specialized more each website to give greater client satisfaction.

Why choose Galicia?

Investing in Galicia today is investing in a healthier future, life quality, tranquility and welfare. Galicia is booming, the climate has changed in recent years to the point that Galicia has no longer winters that it once had, and summers are warm without being too hot now. In Galicia it sometimes seems that time stops: lying in a field of green grass or in the shade of a huge chestnut tree, next to a trout river, watching the falling leaves, washed away by the gentle current.

Galicia still retains its Celtic roots and this is evident in its people, its customs, many of yesteryear come to us from a forgotten time in other places. A time in which man and natures hearts pulsed together, worked together and enjoyed healthy life together. In Galicia all these things still survive the passage of time, there may still be a symbiosis between you and nature in Galicia, where there is lush greenery everywhere. Why not mention about monuments, its cathedrals, its ports? Everyone knows about them, but you are always close to nature from anyone of them.

The milky way in Chaguazoso, Ourense

Situation and Climate

Galicia is situated above Portugal on the Atlantic coast, it has a benign climate.

The winter temperatures are never extreme, and the weather in Galicia in summer is pleasantly warm.

The valleys are green and wooded, and all rivers and streams hold wild brown trout, many also boast sea trout and salmon.

Sea Fishing

The sea fishing can be fabulous with large sea bass, mackerel, sea bream, wrasse, pollock, conger, etc. all along the coast, Galicia has some of the world’s best beaches for surfcasting.


The local language is Gallego (similar to Portugues) but here everybody speaks two languages and out of deference will always speak to you in Spanish.

Visit the official page of the Xunta de Galicia in English >>

All this adds up to a nice natural lifestyle that almost anybody can afford with no crowds, no hassle, a very low crime rate…

Communications and Infrastructures in Galicia

If something surprises the visitor who returns to Galicia after a few years of absence is the spectacular change in the infrastructures. Both travel times and road safety have improved dramatically in recent years. It is obvious. Expressways, motorways and highways already cover the Galician territory, but we are constantly investing in its expansion and improvement.

And if we talk about air communication, there are three airports in Galicia, A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo, with the category of international airports in the European Union. With daily flights to several Spanish cities and various international direct connections.

As for the railway, the high-speed line (AVE), that will connect the main Galician cities and Madrid in less than 3 hours, is being developed. Galicia, getting closer.

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The Galician People

The Galician people are warm and welcoming and will do anything for you, they don’t care where you are from nor if you speak the language as long as you are outgoing and friendly. To them a smile is worth more than a thousand words. Here you will find people wanting to know you and all pulling together. This is what Europe used to be years ago.

Trout, sea trout and salmon fishing

There are 10,000 km of trout rivers, and all rivers close to the coast have important populations of sea trout and the local Government is working at recovering the salmon population.

There are now many and increasing no kill areas of rivers where the fishing can be excellent.

Food and drink in Galicia

The shellfish or marisco, as it is called in Spanish, is world famous for it’s quality and abundance. The sea fish are excellent, and one of the local wines can turn any meal into a banquet.

Galicia is best known for the fabulous white wines, especially the Albariño; some of them are world gold medal winners, but nowadays some of the local bodegas are coming up with red wines that are quite as good as any Rioja and comparable to any wine in the world in value for money.

One can eat a good three-course meal in a restaurant with coffee and liquors for 10 to 12 euros. In the province of Lugo all bars give a tapa with each drink. Three wines and you have had a meal! Some of the wines are exceptionally cheap.

But you can find outstanding restaurants and some award-winning chef all around Galicia.

In 2019, there were 11 restaurants with Michelin Stars in Galicia:

  • AS GARZAS. Chef: Fernando Agrasar. Malpica de Bergantiños. A Coruña.
  • ÁRBORE DA VEIRA. Chef: Iria Espinosa. A Coruña.
  • PEPE VIEIRA. Chef: Pepe Vieira. Poio. Pontevedra.
  • MARUJA LIMÓN. Chef: R. Centeno e I. Abril. Vigo. Pontevedra.
  • RETIRO DA COSTIÑA. Chef: Manuel García. Santa Comba. A Coruña.
  • CASA SOLLA. Chef: Pepe Solla. Poio. Pontevedra.
  • A TAFONA. Chef: Lucía Freitas. Santiago de Compostela. A Coruña.
  • YAYO DAPORTA. Chef: Yayo Daporta. Cambados. Pontevedra.
  • CASA MARCELO. Chef: Marcelo Tejedor. Santiago de Compostela. A Coruña.
  • CULLER DE PAU. Chef: Javier Olleros. O Grove. Pontevedra.
  • NOVA RESTAURANTE. Chef: Daniel Guzmán. Ourense

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Some other Michelin awarded Galician restaurants >>

Beaches, surfing and skin diving

The Blue Flag is a recognition that rewards the fulfillment of standards of hygienic, sanitary, safety, accessibility, information, sanitation and first aid conditions. Spain is the first Blue Flag holder in the world by number of beaches. There were 117 Blue Flag Beaches in Galicia, in 2019. That means the top quality of water and service: second coastal area of Spain.

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The surfing in Galicia is now getting to be an international sport destination, with very good surf beaches in the Rias Altas or North coast and on the Costa de la Muerte or West coast.

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The Rias of Galicia give you a chance to have fabulous skin diving opportunities to find yourself in the middle of a school of dolphins or in the centre of a bank of sardines so big you think you won’t find your way out of it.

Learn more >>

Golf in Galicia

Galicia is a region of the world that seems created to practice golf. Its orographic similarity with other areas of the world where golf is almost a religion, like Ireland, is remarkable.

In Galicia there are currently 16 golf clubs. By number of holes: 9 of 18 holes and 7 of 9 holes. All of these courses receive a rating of 7.6 out of 10. It is based on the average of Galician golf clubs and the average density among golf clubs.

A 7.6 indicates that Galicia is suitable as a golf destination. This rating indicates how appropriate a golf destination is. The rating is based on several elements, such as the average rating of golf clubs between this destination and the above-average density of golf clubs.

According to the prestigious leadingcourses.com organization, the best golf club in Galicia is the Club de Golf de La Toja. From here you can book in any of them and start enjoying the greenest green of the Iberian Peninsula. Galician Country Gold has quite a few drive-hit properties of one of these 16 fields.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Galicia is much lower than in the rest of Spain. The Sunday Times recently rated Galicia the best value for money within Spain. Galician homes are excellent value for money.

Jacobean routes and pilgrimages

Galicia has been famous for its Jacobean routes and pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela since the early ninth century. This is an increasing value for Galician Government that is investing more and more in improving

Nowadays many thousands of pilgrims from all over the world travel the different routes to Santiago on foot, by bicycle, on horseback, by horse cart, and even in wheelchairs.

This is a rising value for the Government of Galicia, which is increasingly investing in the improvement of the different Ways of Santiago that cross the region. And it grants more aid to entrepreneurs who decide to establish their business along the Camino.


Pleased To Meet You

rosi gcg

Rosy Costoya

Galician, active, restless and efficient. Specialist in organizing and coordinating services, managing clients and adapting to their needs. She knows how to find opportunities even in the most remote corner of this land, because she knows Galicia and the Galician lifestyle from within. She has an open and modern vision of business. Let yourself be guided by Galicia and its secrets with this woman, Rosy for friends.

Mark Adkinson

Mark, living in Galicia since 1997, didn’t want to set up just another estate agency in Galicia, he wanted to work differently especially with trust and honor.

As Mark says:

“Our objective is to offer a natural, healthy, happy lifestyle to our clients, for them to find the property that really is their dream house. For this reason we select our houses offering rustic houses in beautiful areas of Galicia and help with the restoration. As far as we know, we are the only people who sell rural houses that live in one having done all the restoration themselves, for this reason we know what our clients have to face. And can help them.”

Mark GCG

May We Help You?

We think so. We will always be there to help. Before, during and after buying, we will be available to solve any problem … It is the way we understand service. And we are proud to be able to mark a difference with others.
“Where can I find the cutest curtains around here …? Who could clean this fireplace with warranty? Which providers in the area do you think is recommended for my business? What is the best company to hire the Internet from? Can I find someone trustworthy to take care of cleaning? If I need more land, what would be the right price?… “

Not everything starts and ends in a notary with a signature. We are there before, during and after, to lend a hand.
We sure can help.

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